Hayjax is in Nottingham

This is what happens when you drop a Canadian into the East Midlands.

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I am a longtime resident of Vancouver, British Columbia, who recently relocated to Nottingham, UK. My parents were British, and I like tea and things that are deep-fried or wrapped in pastry, so I assumed I’d fit right in. I assumed wrong. People in England talk different, eat different, smoke like it’s 1975 and don’t know who the Fonz is.

Like some kind of transcontinental butterfly effect, everything here is kind of the same, but eerily different. The signs are all in the right language (although it took me a while to stop snickering at the “humped zebra” ones), the streets are full of the same mix of cars and people, and I can still get cornflakes at the supermarket, but just when I’ve let my guard down, I notice the roast beef-flavoured potato chips one aisle over and remember that I’m a stranger in a strange land.

This site is a record of my full immersion experience in the East Midlands. You can also visit http://www.hayjax.tumblr.com if you want to read some of my earlier posts.

Email me at h6yj6x [at] gmail.com if you’re looking for someone to share your indignation over Marmite, the pronunciation of Worcestershire and other things that are flat-out wrong.


Written by Hayden

October 15, 2009 at 3:36 pm

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  1. Oh, my dreams come true. A clean shiny pressed blog.
    You dear girl you.


    November 2, 2009 at 3:06 am

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